Simplified Data Management

Comprehensive and extremely well organized, our data entry system simplifies the tasks required to enter, store and retrieve your bond inventory. Data is stored conveniently in tabbed format, which reduces clutter for the user and makes your data easier to read and manage. Quick filters and advanced search functions let you quickly sort and find the bonds you're looking for.

Payment Plans

Payment plans can be quickly created any time a client has a balance due. Specify various payment schedules, or create custom schedules. New payment plans can also be created at any time from a remaining balance if the terms of the agreement need to be changed. Once created, you can track your client’s progress as they fulfill their payment obligations.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

One of our main goals for current and future development Bailtec is to adhere to W3C and CSS web design standards, while still including the many rich features you expect. This adherence to industry standards makes our Bail Bond software extremely portable and cross-browser compatible. Bailtec is fully compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari, as well as most other browsers.

Automatic Alerts, and Past-Due Aging

Late payments are automatically updated each day, and client files which are past due are updated in the ledger. This allows for quick and easy access to past-due account information. You can more efficiently keep track of delinquencies, reducing lost revenue.

Management from Multiple Office Locations

Web-based cloud applications give you the ability to access your data remotely from any location where you have a computer and a high-speed connection to the Internet. The need to run local servers and database applications is eliminated, and site to site, or office to office communications become effortless and seamless. Web-based Business Management Suites save time and money as I.T. resources are no longer needed to maintain local servers and costly VPN connections between office locations.

Customizable Forms

No additional data entry is needed to create and print forms. Forms are auto-filled from bond data and are rendered as PDF files for easy portability, uniformity, and printability. Form templates can also be easily duplicated or copied from one office profile to another.

Flexible Reporting Module

We received many requests over the years for a more flexible way to generate and run periodic reports. Many of our competitors provide only a static set of reports. Our solution was to develop a system that does not limit you to default, pre-configured report layouts. Although a default library of reports is included, you can easily create any number of additional, highly customized report templates. You can even modify the existing default templates if needed.

The process is quite simple, after selecting the data types you want to include, the layout can then be modified by adding and sorting columns. Data fields, font sizes, paper sizes, and orientation can all be modified as well as report cover-sheets and report headers. Once you have created your report template, you then use the Reporting Tool to create the data-set that you want, and apply it to one of your saved report templates. The result is a very powerful and flexible reporting mechanism.

Customizable User Permissions

Bailtec provides access and functionality for a variety of user types. Administrators can have global access with the ability to monitor activity in any and all office locations, or can be configured to have administrative privileges for only a particular office. Agents can be configured with a wide variety of user permissions, as well as Bail Recovery Agents and Auditors. The user system was designed to give administrators fine grained control over user permissions.

IP Security Prevents Unauthourized System Access

A unique IP address security feature is built into the User Management Interface, which allows administrators to configure users with access from specific IP addresses. By enabling this feature for specific users, those users will be able to access the system only from very specific places such as a particular office location, or from a home office. One requirement for using this feature is a static, or unchanging IP address provide by your Internet Service Provider. This feature is optional, and can be configured independently for each user.

Unlimited SMS Text Alerts

This feature is fully automated, and only requires cell phone numbers to be entered for clients and co-signers. When court appearances are entered, the dates and times are automatically queued. Defendants and co-signers will receive up to 3 alerts at various times prior to their court dates. Alerts also can be sent for upcoming and past-due payments.

Surety Support

Whether you are backed by a surety or self insured , Bailtec can accommodate you. The Powers Inventory allows you to use and maintain your powers. You'll be able to assign them individually or in groups to your agents, and commissions will be calculated automatically when powers are utilized.

Agent Commissions

Track and pay commissions to your agents effortlessly. Commission setting can be configured independently for each of your agents. Commissions can also be split between agents when desired. Commissions are calculated automatically when payments are posted to the system.

Detailed Logging

The logging facilities for Bailtec are extensive and allow for easy troubleshooting and diagnostics for both data entry and office workflow patterns. Activity is logged very precisely as users navigate the system. A real-time log is also available for administrators to monitor current system activity while it’s happening.