Mobile Client Check-Ins

We've crafted this feature in-house and seamlessly integrated it with Bailtec. It's all our own work - no outsourcing or fussing with third-party apps. Your clients can easily grab the App from the Apple Store or Google Play at no cost. It's an optional extra with Bailtec (check out our pricing page for details). With the app, clients have the freedom to do the following tasks.

Automate Your Client Check-Ins

Clients now have the convenience of checking in automatically, remotely, and securely. At predetermined intervals, clients receive timely notifications that prompt them to complete their check-in process. This system ensures regular and consistent updates, helping clients stay on track with their responsibilities. The check-in process itself is user-friendly and efficient: upon completion, the client's bond information is immediately updated. This update includes several key elements: a selfie taken by the client at the time of check-in, the exact date and time the check-in was completed, and the client's current GPS location.

Additional Mobile Features

Account Information

Your clients will enjoy effortless access to crucial account information. This includes their upcoming payment amounts and due dates, any outstanding balances, and a full history of their account payments. This feature is not just about informing clients; it's designed to empower them with the tools they need to effectively manage their finances. By having immediate access to these details, clients can stay informed, organized, and ahead of their financial commitments.

Court Appearances

Upcoming court appearances are outlined with key details for client convenience. This includes exact dates, times, case numbers, and the court's address, room number, and county. A contact phone number is also provided. This concise yet comprehensive overview ensures clients are well-prepared and informed for their court dates, offering clarity and ease in managing their legal commitments.

Bail Me Out

If your client faces re-arrest, they can swiftly request bail directly through the App. This triggers an immediate alert to Bailtec's administrative users via an integrated dashboard. Additionally, SMS text message notifications can be enabled, ensuring agents or administrators receive prompt updates. This efficient system streamlines communication and response, providing a quick and effective way to manage such situations.