Comprehensive Bail Bond Software

Bailtec is designed specifically for you and your Bail Bond company. It has been designed to reduce your workload, and simplify day-to-day activities. Bail bonding is a complex business, which requires numerous forms, documents and reports, as well as payment plans, past-due aging and tracking, court appearances, surety and agent commissions and much more. Industry specific software can organize these complex tasks and give you more time to focus on your business.

Free 30 day trial

Sign up now for a free 30 day trial account. This account is fully functional, and can be converted to a client account without losing the data you’ve entered during the trial period. If you have any questions, call us toll-free at (888) 269-7336.

Efficient Bond Tracking

The complexity of writing bail bonds requires large amounts of data to be recorded, filed and tracked over time. Additionally, keeping track of clients, co-signers, liability, revenue, court appearances, commissions, and sureties can be a daunting task. Bailtec can help keep all of these details well organized and easily accessible, freeing up valuable time.

Cloud Service

Business services are steadily moving to the Cloud. Web-based bail bond services offer numerous advantages over locally run server applications. The list of advantages includes quick deployment, the ability to access services from various locations, automatic software upgrades, no software to maintain, plus automated backup and recovery.

Customizable Forms

Select from a library of pre-configured default forms, or create an unlimited number of new forms. The Forms Editor uses an extensive set of placeholders which can be inserted into various locations throughout your forms. These placeholders then automatically populate with client information when printed.

Flexible Reporting Engine

Our Reporting Tool does not limit you to default, pre-configured report layouts. Although a default library of reports is included, you can easily create any number of additional, highly customized report templates.

Create and Track Payment Plans

Tracking revenue is an important part of running a business. If you offer payment options to your clients, you can create payment plans whenever a positive balance exists on a bond. Bailtec will track the account and ensure that your revenue doesn't fall through the cracks.

Client Alerts Via Text Message

Automatically send text messages to your clients for upcoming court appearances, payments due and past due payments. Additionally, you can also configure these alerts to be sent to your co-signers as well as your agents.

Customer Feedback

Bailtec is under active development, and new features and modules are continuously being added. We take feedback from our customers very seriously, and welcome any and all suggestions. Client requests which will benefit the program as a whole are implemented free of charge, however custom modifications are also available upon request.

How it Works

Bailtec is as a Web-based Cloud service. We handle everything for you, providing a complete set of tools and services to efficiently run your Bail Bonding company. Accounts are hosted and maintained right here in our own data center. We don’t outsource anything. By operating all related services in-house, we are able to provide very consistent and reliable services for our customers.

We do not require any lengthy contracts for our clients. Billing is month to month. “We want happy customers, not captive ones”.

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