Bail Bond Mobile Check-ins

This brand new feature is developed and maintained by us and is tightly integrated with Bailtec. No outsourcing here, and no third-party applications to deal with.

Your clients can download the App from the Apple store or the Google play store free of charge. The App license is an add-on for Bailtec (see our bail bond software pricing). Clients will be able to perform the following tasks.

Automate Your Bail Bond Check-ins

Client check-ins can be automated and performed remotely and securely. In difficult times like these, remote check-ins simply make more sense. At specified intervals, clients will be notified when it’s time to check-in. Once the check-in is complete, their bond(s) will be automatically updated providing a client selfie, check-in date and time as well as current GPS location for the client.

Account and Payment Information

Your clients will have easy access to important account information such as their next payment amount and due date, past due amounts and a complete payment history for their account.

Bail Me Out

In the event that your client is being re-arrested, they can submit a bail-out request directly from the App. After submitting the request, administrative users of Bailtec will be alerted via an integrated dashboard. SMS text message alerts are also available for additional notifications to agents or administrators.

Upcoming Court Appearances

Detailed information is visible for all upcoming court appearances. These details include dates and times as well as case numbers, court address and room, county and phone number.

Your Company's Contact Information

Your company's address and contact information is visible within the App. Clients can even call your main office phone.

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